Youth Alive® assists churches to...

...mobilize students to reach other students!

...empower churches to connect with their local schools!

Youth Alive® simply believes that every student and every school matters!

Potential ways to get started:


Our Mission

To Empower the local Church,

To Equip the local Youth Ministry,

To Encourage Community

To Elevate Christ

The willingness to get on campus to help with zero strings attached has opened so many doors for us at the school
— Donny Waite

What We've Achieved

  • School Assemblies in over 50 schools
  • Connected church leaders with local schools
  • Camp Speaker
  • Ran our Multi-Media equipment for Pendleton High School graduation for over 10 years
  • collaborated on 2 books that helps equip individuals to have God conversations with the lost.  These books are God So Loved and I Dare You.
  • Adult and Student Leadership Training
  • Mentor Youth/Kids Pastors
  • Assist students on campus outreach
  • Build church networks in local communities for school outreach
  • Regular speaker for all ages in churches and local community groups.