the sheley's

Wes and Carrie have dedicated their lives to follow the call of God on their lives for over 20 years.  They are blessed with two amazing children Nic and Jaelyn.  Wes has been in Youth Ministry for over 20 years and Assemblies of God Youth Alive Missionary for the last 10 years.  He has collaborated on two books titled, "God So Loved" and "I Dare You".  When Wes is not on the road connecting with churches and schools he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Carrie is an amazing wife and a dedicated mother to their two kids, Nic and Jaelyn.  She recently stepped down has a cheer coach at a local high school to focus on her ministry as Children's Director at Oak Creek Christian Center.  When she is not busy with ministry she enjoys spending time with her kids and finding peace and quite while watching her favorite t.v. shows.   


Nic sheley

Nic is going into his Freshman year in high school.  He is passionate about music and sports.  He is actively involved in his youth group and its worship team where he plays the drums.  He use to play three sports Football, Basketball and Baseball however he has dropped Football to focus on Basketball and his main sport Baseball.  He has been involved with the Baseball Factory which is a national organization that is helping him develop into a collegiate athlete.  His goal is to play baseball in college and hopefully beyond.  He recently made a comment, "baseball doesn't define him but God defines him in baseball."


Jaelyn Sheley

Jaelyn is going into 2nd grade next year.  She enjoys singing, dancing and playing baseball like her brother.  She loves going to kids church and participating in worship.  She also carries her princess Bible almost everywhere she goes including school.  This summer she is looking forward to take swimming lessons and joining a local Hip Hop dance class.